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The Friendly Butcher: Small Business Growth

We identified game-changing target customer and insights and developed the marketing and merchandising strategy for the brand to sustain continuous growth and meet sales targets.


Since 1996, The Friendly Butcher has been a neighbourhood staple for fresh and locally sourced meats and products. While the store was successful, the owners wanted to grow their business, but were too busy with the day-to-day business to plan for growth. RCC was engaged to help them prepare.

Our Solution

After conducting a thorough internal analysis using shopper tracking, staff interviews, and an evaluation of the store’s strengths, weaknesses, and long-term brand goals, RCC researched the market and competitive landscape to identify external challenges and opportunities. The research and analysis formed the basis for the development of a marketing strategy, which defined their brand essence and promise, and their target customer. This would provide the focus for in-store merchandising, marketing communications and product offerings to satisfy the target customer’s needs.

RCC created quarterly merchandising plans to help The Friendly Butcher plan for seasonal promotions, to engage and unify all employees, and to integrate all marketing communications, all with the objective of optimizing sales opportunities while streamlining day-to-day operations. In 2014, The Friendly Butcher retained Retail Category Consultants to improve their online presence. We created a search engine optimized website, content marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy, and trained staff to upload and edit online content according to schedule.

Our Results

Launched just in time for Q4 in 2013, the marketing strategy defined a strong brand vision for The Friendly Butcher and prepared them for future growth. The merchandising plans streamlined marketing operations and ensured that marketing communications were consistent across all channels. Merchandising improved and sales increased by 10% in Q4, 2013, which has continued to grow in successive quarters. Through our digital work, we increased website page views by 1702% and strengthened their social media presence. The store experienced increased foot traffic from new customers who found the brand online.