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Sears Canada collapse offers silver lining for mall owners (Reuters)

Sally Seston, Managing Director, discusses the outlook for mall owners saddled with empty Sears stores. 

Sears Canada to close after court OKs liquidation (Reuters)

Retail Category Consultants discusses what went wrong at Sears Canada. 

Sears Canada to close stores, cut jobs in restructuring (Reuters)

Managing Director, Sally Seston discusses the outlook for Sears Canada. 

U.S. Online thrift store chain ThreadUp launches in Canada (CBC) & (Toronto Star)

Retail Category Consultants discusses ThreadUp’s launch in Canada, competition and challenges. 

Questions Remain about Canada Goose’s Growth Prospects (BNN)

Retail Category Consultants joined Michael Hainsworth on BNN to discuss Canada Goose’s growth prospects on the day of their IPO. 

Why ex-Canadian Tire CEO Michael Medline is the Man to Fix Sobeys (Canadian Business)

Retail Category Consultants discussed how Michael Medline’s experience with retail technology could be the recipe to fix Sobeys. 

How Could Trump’s Trade Levy Promise Affect Retailers (BNN)

Retail Category Consultants joined Amber Kanwar on BNN to discuss how Trump’s trade levy promise could affect retailers. 

How Scary Clowns Are Affecting Retail (CBC)

Scary clowns are affecting the way retailers merchandise and promote their brands.  Dale Jones discusses the effects on CBC’s The National. 

Aritzia Shares Soar In First Day of Public Trading (BNN)

Sally Seston discusses the Atirzia IPO and strategies they will need to employ to deliver growth.

Japanese Clothing Retailer Uniqlo Opening in Toronto (CTV – Your Morning)

Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo is set to open their first Canadian store.  Sally Seston discusses the brand and things they can do to win in the Canadian market.

Retailers You Could Bet On (BNN)

Sally Seston discusses retail results, the Atirzia IPO and retailers to watch.

Pharmasave: Committed to the Community (Store Brands Magazine)

Sally Seston talked with Store Brands about current trends in healthcare and pharmacy retailing. 

Loblaws to Open 50 More Stores (CBC News)

Sally Seston talked with CBC about Loblaws’ store expansion strategy. 

InstaBuggy on the Move

To win in today’s grocery landscape, Sally Seston advises click and collect companies to add value to customers.

Lowe’s Rona Deal Faces Quebec Opposition (Toronto Star)

Sally Seston explains how some will benefit from the Lowe’s Rona deal, and why others will lose out. 

Lowe’s Rona Acquisition Strategy and Impact on Consumers (Zoomer Radio)

Sally Seston chats with Dave about Lowe’s $3.2B acquisition of Rona Inc. What can consumers expect?

How Canadian Grocers can Improve Dismal Seafood Scores (Seafood Source)

Sally Seston discusses where Canadian grocers are missing out on satisfying key consumer trends. 

HBC May Face Challenges Replicating Its Successes in Europe (Reuters)

Sally Seston says that while HBC has the skills to turnaround Kaufhof, e-commerce will be a challenge.

6 Milestones to Widespread In-Store Mobile Payments (Credit Cards Canada)

Millie Ho gave advice on how loyalty apps can boost in-store mobile payments adoption. 

Will Food Halls Come Back? (Canadian Grocer)

Once a staple in Canadian department stores, Millie Ho says that food halls are making a comeback as retailers think about increasing foot traffic to compete with online shopping.

Kit and Ace Steps Up International Growth (New York Times)

Vicky Applebaum weighed in on the growth plan of Kit and Ace, a Canadian start-up backed by the founder of Lululemon.

Can Canada Goose Avoid the Popularity Trap? (Canadian Business Magazine)

Millie Ho analyzed the strategy of popular brands that successfully—and unsuccessfully—tried to build loyalty.

Will Click and Collect Compute? (Canadian Grocer)

What will it take to get consumers to buy into Canadian grocers’ new click-and-collect programs? Vicky Applebaum talks strategy and logistics.  

As U.S. Retailers Ramp Up, Canadian Companies Sit Back (Global News)

Sally Seston weighed in on Canadian retailers’ struggle to compete with American e-commerce sites that are luring away Canadian shoppers with perks.

Target Canada’s Liquidation Strategy (CBC News)

Sally Seston was interviewed by Matt Llewellyn (CBC Radio One) on how Target Canada is making its nationwide liquidation as painless as possible, and how consumers can get in on the best deals.

Uniqlo’s Blend-In Brand Well-Poised to Win Market Share (Marketing Magazine)

Vicky Applebaum was interviewed by Marketing Magazine on Uniqlo’s 2016 entrance into Canada. Despite appealing to Millennial shoppers, Uniqlo’s main challenge is to sustain that initial consumer interest.

LCBO: Monopoly, Privatization, and Strategy (Metro News)

Will the LCBO benefit from privatization? We examined their current strategy as a monopoly.

Advice for Ontario’s Liquor Monopoly (Sun News Network)

Sally Seston talks with Adrienne Batra from Sun News on how the LCBO can better serve consumers. 

How Could the LCBO Be Improved? (Toronto Star)

Retail Category Consultants talked with The Star about how Ontario residents could be better served by the LCBO following its expansion in The Beach. 

4 Ways to Boost Your In-Store Traffic (Air Miles For Business)

Millie Ho gave tips to small business owners that want to increase foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar stores, and how they can leverage their social media platform to keep customers coming back.

Branding American Apparel (BNN)

Vicky Applebaum and Joe Jackman discuss American Apparel’s brand strategy, the evolution of the Millennial consumer, and what young consumers really want in a brand.

Buyer Beware: U.S. Retailers In Canada (BNN)

Vicky Applebaum and Joe Jackman talk to the Business News Network about the closing of Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn’s flagship stores on the ‘Mink Mile’, and why U.S. retailers are having problems in Canada. 

Analyzing Target Canada’s Action Plan (Les Affaires)

Sally Seston was interviewed about Target Canada’s plans for improving offerings to Canadian consumers. According to Sally, Target Canada’s lack of product range and mobile app could work against them.