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Business Process Improvement


“We have our processes but, we wonder if there is a better way.”

Getting the most from your team means arming them with the right tools and processes to make them as productive as possible.  Identifying where your processes are breaking down and how to apply best practices to improve is a critical process in increasing productivity.  Our Business Process Improvement program uses 5 steps to get results:

  1. We start with our discovery process. Working with your team, we learn how processes work today and where there are breakdowns or unnecessary steps to get a clear picture of how your team is performing. This includes a review of your processes, internal data, and financials.
  2. Using best practice as a guideline, we look for ways to improve your processes. We uncover where the process needs to change and places where your team is doing a great job.
  3. Once we have agreed on the changes to your processes, we work with your internal and external stakeholders to train them on the new processes and changes in roles and responsibilities.
  4. With any process, there is always opportunity to refine to ensure you are getting the best results. This includes working with the team to ensure that they are adhering to the new process and that any minor tweaks are identified and shared throughout the team.
  5. Without monitoring it is not possible to see the effects of process improvements. We will develop a dashboard for you to review at regular intervals to ensure that you are staying on track.

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