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Retail Consultant

Premium Business Consulting Services

The introduction of digital disruption, increased customer expectations, and new business models to an already tough retail world make maintaining profitable, sustained growth an enormous challenge. Our restaurant, grocery, apparel and fashion retail consulting services help you address modern challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Retail Consulting Helps Improve Decision-Making

The importance of data in decision-making cannot be overlooked in the digital age. Retail services depend on the data for tangible information showing a clear path to achieving their goals. Our retail consultant can help you analyze the business data to determine your weakness and strengths. The data can also uncover hidden business opportunities!


Get a New Perspective

Day-to-day business problems and demands can blind you to things that need doing. A retail consultant brings an unbiased perspective onto the table and helps identify these blind spots. Retail consulting experts are not afraid of criticizing business weak points. They help you improve on everything from your hiring process to inventory management in an impersonal and honest manner.

Get Empowered for Future Growth

Retail Consultant gives you tools for sustained growth.

We provide you with the tools required to maintain these changes for years to come. For instance, we might suggest implementing data-tracking software in your point of sale system. We will go a step farther and train you on how to use the software, so you are self-sufficient. Our services are all about empowering you to become independent and improve your operations for the long term.

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Other Services Offered by Retail Consultant

As a professional retail consultant outfit, we provide an integrated and robust suite of solutions for business, including:

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Retail Consultant Provides Invaluable Industry Experience

There is a good chance that we have already seen the problems your enterprise is facing many times before. We already know how to respond to these issues. Our team of experts has the experience and insight you need to overcome your business problems as soon as possible. For example, our fashion retail consulting division breathes fashion and brings you decades of experience working with major-brand clients. We can also help you motivate employees to enhance performance and teach them leading industry practices.

Cost-Effective Consulting Services

Consulting services that maximise results and profits!

Many business owners and managers neglect the need for consultations with retail experts because of misconceptions. The retail owners lose focus even when the smallest problems arise. Instead, reach out to Retail Consultant and focus on what you do best—offering your customers the best services possible! The consultant is hard at work handling your specific troublesome problems. This helps you save on time and resources. Every minute spent on developing your business counts. Thus, having a consultant can prove beneficial when you need help the most.

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Customise Services to Meet Your Requirements

We offer scalable services.

At Retail Consultant, we do not provide a one-size-fits-all solution. There is value in learning about your goals and business. This helps us tailor strategy and advice to the specific challenges your business is facing. This customisation means our solutions are more effective than generic advice you would get elsewhere. For example, our retail marketing expert can select the best strategies for your business to increase the chances of reaching a highly targeted audience.

What Our Clients Have To Say

I recently got in touch with Retail Consultant for help with my small business in Ontario. The team has proven to be effective and even helped me improve on sales. Today, my business’ bottom line has never looked so healthy!
Jonas Michael
Business Consulting
The very first contact with Jerome on your team was all I needed to feel confident about my products. I am proud to say that the sales figures are looking good and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Retail Consultant.
Winjoy Tamara
Marketing Help
My business has been expanding at an exponential rate and your team came in at the right time. You have helped me set up systems that are working and help me monitor business transactions across different branches in Canada and the U.S.
Cassius Bene
Expanding business

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions we often receive from clients.

Retail consultant is a transparent provider of retail consultation services. We are set up by leading professionals due to a frustration shared by our business clients about the obstacles of running retail businesses in Canada and the United States.

Our consultants are top-tier individuals from diverse backgrounds in the retail industry. Our services include retail marketing consulting, project management, and general business retail consulting.

Within the retail services sector, our clients include small business owners running physical stores and suppliers. We also have clients in the supermarket segment, medical practitioners, online shops, and many others.

Let Us Help You!

Managing a retail business requires a massive amount of energy and time. It can be discouraging if you are not achieving the results you desire. Further, small retailers are struggling to boost their sales from a limited amount of resources that cannot sustain things like promotion and marketing. Spending money on retail and project management consulting might seem like too much at first. But outside help from an expert is exactly what your venture requires to bring in profits. Hire an expert when launching a new product, if current strategies are not working, looking to expand into new territories, or when you want to scale your business.

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Proven Results

End-to-end solution creation since 1997!

At Retail Consultant, we understand what you need. We have over 20 years of hands-on experience working with major national retailers as senior leadership, executives, and managers. Our cross-functional skills and field experience provide you with proven and practical solutions that drive sales while strengthening customer loyalty. We are on the pulse of trends that can affect your business in the next few years. No matter where you are, we are here to help!

Leading Retailers Love Us! Let Us Help You Join Them.

It’s no surprise that some of the biggest North American retailers love us.

Retail Consultant is where innovation meets inspiration, teamwork overcomes impossible, and collaboration fuels business growth. We help bold retail owners to achieve the extraordinary. Our services provide integrated solutions that enable faster, better and long-lasting results for our clients. We are all about bringing mutual trust, infectious energy, and a fresh perspective to every client relationship. Our goal is to work with ambitious retail owners ready to define their future. Working with us will feel different because our team is unlike any other!

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Get In Touch

Now is the time to make the decision to create strategies that help your retail business grow and fulfil customer needs. We are offering you a premium consultation service to actualise your objectives and goals. Our team of business experts spans every industry and niche, from fashion to building materials, transportation, and general retailer. Let us bring your ideas to life. Send us an email or complete the form below and make your retail journey seamless!

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