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How much are your consultancy hourly rates? At Retail Consultant we make it easy for all our prospective clients to find out more about our fees. Some factors that may affect the rate include your business type and the types of consultancy services needed.

To learn more about the fees, get in touch with us for our rates and we will get back within the next 24 hours. You can also request a free quote and book a one-hour free consultation to determine the type of retail consultancy services you need and see what we can do for your retail. Click here for consultancy hourly rates.

The only way to determine the exact type of services you need is through a consultation that considers your overall business. Further, businesses are not run the same, so we cannot offer you a one-size-fits-all rate. We highly suggest you book an online appointment with one of your retail specialists.

Client Reviews

I always thought that bringing in a retail expert is expensive. Your retail consultant made the process so easy I wondered how I managed to stay afloat all these years without your services!

Winnie K.
Retail Consultancy

Your retail consultancy experts are true experts in the field. Today, my business is achieving profits we have never experienced before. I recommend your services to any business owner.

Retail Experts
Kicha Michaels

I have worked with your team for a few months now, and the rates are phenomenal! You hardly feel the pinch as the bottom-line keeps rising each month.

Affordable Rates
Lucy O.

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