Project Management

An expert retail programme manager works with you during the definition, development, and delivery of your retail project. No matter your development or challenges, we are here for retailers like yourself. We have been providing expert project management services across the Americas’ retail developments for over 20 years.

Retail Consultant are specialists in the construction or refurbishments of shopping centres, tenancy fit-out and coordination, and managing capital works programmes. In the last decade, we have delivered over $1 billion worth of retail projects in North America. Many brands rely on our retail project management services to achieve lasting results.

We make sure that everyone involved, from the retail commercial manager, leasing executives, and tenants to the project manager and retail design manager, are on the same page.

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Contact Us For Quality Results, Fast.

Contact Us For Quality Results, Fast.

Retail Consultant has first-hand, intimate knowledge of challenges that are unique to the retail sector. They include store update difficulty while limiting the impact of construction on your revenue and customer visits. Project management in the retail industry involves protecting store access and overall foot traffic during the construction’s lifetime. We work collaboratively with the projects team from vendors such as contractors and designers to customised millwork craftspeople.

Analytics and Intelligence Inform Decisions

Analytics and Intelligence Inform Decisions

A critical component to expanding or making updates to a site is understanding the assets. Our team conducts conditions assessments and facility surveys to collect information about your sites across Canada and the United States. The powerful data supports making informed development decisions for better use of your capital budget.

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Reap The Benefits of Effective Project Management

Project management is a powerful tool that provides many benefits to retailers. It provides guidelines, repeatable processes, and techniques that manage people and work involved in projects.

Retail project management improves the chances of achieving your desired result. Plus, it offers a fresh perspective on your project.

It becomes easy to prioritize business resources while ensuring their efficient use by setting up the schedule, scope, and budget accurately from the beginning. Our services let you improve productivity and quality of work. Project management also encourages consistent communication between clients, suppliers, and staff.

We are among the leading providers of retail project management services in North America. Contact us today.

Here is what clients say about our services.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We recently needed to upgrade several stores within our chain. Retail Consultant came in and brought their retail project management experts who were of great help. I recommend them to anyone.

Jill Callaghan
Project management

My business is eternally grateful to the team at Retail Consultant. Thanks to their expert help, my store is now a marvellous addition to our lovely city. During repair work, all our transactions went on as usual! No lost customers or sales.

Merci Winder
Store Renovation

I run a small auto repair business that recently required some upgrading. I couldn’t afford to close it down. Retail Consultant managers made sure that my operations went on smoothly even as the contractors ripped and repaired my roof.

Jonathan Wright
Experienced Managers

Our experience makes us the best!

Industry-Leading Retail Project Management Services

Retail Consultant represents your interests in all project elements. We help manage contracts and purchase orders, conduct regular site reviews and also manage owner vendors, contractors, and landlord works.

Our analysis includes project risks and opportunities, permit requirements, red flag issues, environmental issues, and preliminary financial Capex forecasting. Results let you make prudent project decisions to complete project requirements.

We are a project management services company that opens thousands of stores each year. Our retail project managers are capable of delivering any retail programme anytime and anywhere. Clients call on us in all store delivery phases. They include due diligence, entitlement, and closeout. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business.

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