10 Lies Your Herbalist Told You

10 Lies Your Herbalist Told You
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Some people will say ANYTHING to sell you a handful of pills, a jar full of honey or some weird medical device. They’ll prey on your greatest fears and capitalize on your desire to make the most of your health. And if you’re active on social media, you know that some people just spread nonsense to. well, I’m not sure why they do it. My name is Lisa Barger and I debunk health myths, expose charlatans and help you find the information you need to make an informed choice. And I do it without taking one dime from any seller of herbs, drugs, expensive honey or fancy fruit drinks. I have nothing to sell and no reason to try to talk you into (or out of) anything. In 10 LIES YOUR HERBALIST TOLD YOU you’ll learn; ~ You don’t need to “cleanse” your colon. ~ You’re not not full of something called “mucoid plaque”. ~ Ear “candles” don’t pull out ear wax. ~ A famous singer did not claim to “catch” cancer from a water bottle. ~ Honey is not an allergy cure-all. ~ Expensive, exotic honeys aren’t necessarily better. ~ Colloidal silver will replace antibiotic drugs. ~ You don’t have to chug water to rehydrate. ~ Your doctor may dislike herbs, but not because of financial reasons. ~ Depleted farm soil is not making us all malnourished. In this collection of previously published essays, new articles and Q & As I address 10 of the most persistent myths I run across so you can make an informed decision. After all, as I say, “It’s YOUR health. Don’t leave it up to someone else.”