11 Hours: A Romantic Thriller

11 Hours: A Romantic Thriller
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As you listen to this, a flurry of thoughts run through your mind, from wondering how different this book is going to be from the umpteen other books you have browsed, to what might be the cost of this particular novel, and if its really worth it.... Wait, did you just read what was going on in your mind? That''s exactly what happens to the protagonist of this novel, Robin.  

Robin is a boy next door, leading a happy life with his wife of two years, Diana. One unsuspecting day, Diana goes missing from her office. Perplexed and worried, Robin runs amuck in search of her, only to receive a call from a stranger who refers to himself as Loser. The Loser gives Robin 11 hours to find Brindha, who is Robin''s former crush. Having no clue on where and why he has to find her, who the Loser is and where Diana is held captive, Robin begins a breath-taking adventure along with his tech-savvy best friend, Prabhu, only to realize that every single thought of his is being monitored.   

As the clock ticks, the men pull a trick or two from their sleeves and try to stay ahead of the Loser, but can they really outsmart him? Will Robin find Brindha, save Diana and, above all, is Prabhu worth his trust?