3d Multimodal Interaction With An Input Perspective

3d Multimodal Interaction With An Input Perspective
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This book demonstrates state of the art multi-modal interaction with modern inout devices. Currently, most application are uni-modal (e.g., touch) and in some cases bi-modal (e.g., keyboard and mouse). The challenge for developers and researchers: is how to improve interaction when using multiple devices. This book provides the necessary background and then presents case studies in multi-modal interaction. In addition to Interactive Paint, Microsoft Hololens is used to demonstrate the need for multi-modal interaction when using multiple input devices. This book presents an input perspective (as opposed to output like displays and head-mounted displays).


Key Features

  • Describes multi-modal interaction of modern input devices using open sourcetools to provide hands-on experience and guidance.
  • Chapter(s) describing multi-modal interaction using Microsoft HoloLens
  •  Source code available via github