A frog's life

A frog's life
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This book is about frogs, and their toad cousins, and their fascinating amphibian lives. Frogs live all over the world, even managing to withstand freezing their own bodies. Cold-blooded, but astonishingly similar to animals biologically, they perhaps offer a glimpse of a common ancestor.

From an egg protected and nourished by frogspawn through its development first as the vegetarian fish like tadpole to becoming the carnivorous frog "A frog's life" is a journey of discovery into the lives and habits of one of nature's most treasured and diverse creatures. Worshiped as a goddess by the Egyptians and for many cultures a symbol of good luck, but for others, a tasty treat.

A staple of French cuisine, an invaluable aid to scientists, biologists, Amazonian hunters and an early warning system of ecological problems. A frog's life explores the contribution of these amphibians with Evelyn Wood's usual mix of fact and fun, anatomical diagrams, cartoons a quiz and colouring pages.