Advances In Mapping From Remote Sensor Imagery: Techniques And Applications

Advances In Mapping From Remote Sensor Imagery: Techniques And Applications
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Advances in Mapping from Remote Sensor Imagery: Techniques and Applicationsreviews some of the latest developments in remote sensing and information extraction techniques applicable to topographic and thematic mapping. Providing an interdisciplinary perspective, leading experts from around the world have contributed chapters examining state-of-the-art techniques as well as widely used methods.

The book covers a broad range of topics including photogrammetric mapping and LiDAR remote sensing for generating high quality topographic products, global digital elevation models, current methods for shoreline mapping, and the identification and classification of residential buildings. Contributors also showcase cutting-edge developments for environmental and ecological mapping, including assessment of urbanization patterns, mapping vegetation cover, monitoring invasive species, and mapping marine oil spills-crucial for monitoring this significant environmental hazard.

The authors exemplify the information presented in this text with case studies from around the world. Examples include:

  • Envisat/ERS-2 images used to generate digital elevation models over northern Alaska
  • In situradiometric observations and MERIS images employed to retrieve chlorophyll a concentration in inland waters in Australia
  • ERS-1/2 SAR images utilized to map spatiotemporal deformation in the southwestern United States

Aerospace sensors and related information extraction techniques that support various mapping applications have recently garnered more attention due to the advances in remote sensing theories and technologies. This book brings together top researchers in the field, providing a state-of-the-art review of some of the latest advancements in remote sensing and mapping technologies.