American Girl Coffee Shop

American Girl Coffee Shop
Categories: Computers, Monitor
Brand: American Girl
370 CAD
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This doll-sized barista set has so many perks! From serving up frappes to sitting and sipping with friends, it’s brimming with hours of fun. It includes:* A barista bar structure with enough room for two dolls that has a built-in sink, fridge, shelving and storage, soap and towel dispensers, and bubble skylights; the backside has a counter big enough to fit two stools side by side* A checkout counter with a built-in cash register and storage shelves and a recessed area to hold the bakery case plus a “Coffee Bean Café” sign on the front* A clear bakery case with printed woodgrain detail that holds all the sweet treats* Two real metal stools so dolls can sip coffee at the counter* A black-framed menu board that has a reversible printed menu and can be attached to the wall * A pretend espresso machine that makes sounds–coffee bean griding, coffee brewing, and milk frothing– and has a “steam” function* Two portafilters with ground coffee bean detail inside, they can be taken in and out of the espresso machine* A credit card swiper that changes screens when a faux credit card or gift card is inserted* A blue cafe apron with a printed “Coffee Bean Cafe” logo in the center* A blue trash can that sits on a sliding drawer so it can be stashed in the cabinet* A video monitor for the cash register with a reversible monitor screen* A syrup stand with openings on the top to hold a set of four syrup bottles in cherry, blueberry, mint and caramel flavors* Two latte cups with a handle dolls can hold* Two pretend caramel frappes and two strawberry frappes with whipped and flavored toppings* A set of four stackable espresso cups in different colors for the espresso machine* Four coffee cups with a printed logo on the side* Two cardboard-colored drink carriers that each hold multiple drink cups* A silver frother pitcher with an easy-pour lid that can be used to add water to the espresso machine* A faux silver frother thermometer that clips to the side of the pitcher* A milk carton with a handle dolls can hold to pour* A silver whipped cream dispenser with a spring loaded handle* Four printed coffee bean bags filled with pretend coffee beans* A cream cheese container full of faux cream cheese* Two faux chocolate cupcakes with frosting and a cherry on top* Two pretend cinnamon rolls topped with icing* Two faux bagels with cream cheese in the center* Two printed bags of pita chips * Two individually wrapped pretend chocolate cookies with mint inside* A set of four plates in colors that match the espresso cups to serve the faux bakery treats* Five faux dollar bills that fit in the cash register* A clear tip jar with a black lid that can fit the faux dollar bills* A set of juice bottles that fit in the fridge* A set of printed gift cards that work with the credit card swiper