American Girl Truly Me Pet Boutique

American Girl Truly Me Pet Boutique
Categories: Computers, Monitor
Brand: American Girl
299 CAD
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Dolls can take good care of their furry, feathered, and finned friends while they help them find new homes with this set. It includes: A two-sided store with a fabric awning, hanging sign, and attached counter and shelving. A matte black shopping bag with a pet-friendly slogan. Two paper pet adoption certificates. A nylon webbing leash with a clip for a matching collar. A video monitor with a reversible screen for making transactions in the store. A card swiper that clips to the side of the monitor and a pretend pet boutique rewards credit card to swipe through. Five faux dollar bills. A terry cloth towel for pet baths. A marbled treat platter with a domed lid and bone-shaped dog treats. A soft stuffed pet bed with a fleece center. A pet grooming brush and pretend pet shampoo. A cat tree with two textured scratching posts, two plush pedestals, and a hideaway spot. A plush gray tabby kitten with green eyes. A terrarium with a removable lid and a yellow LED light inside, plus faux plants, a water dish, a wood shaving floor, and a rock. A Greek tortoise with a two-tone shell. An aquarium with a removable lid and a blue LED light inside, plus a fake sand floor, reefs, two clownfish, and a yellow tang fish. Three pet food bowls. A container of tortoise food and a container of fish food. Six cans of cat food in chicken, tuna, and turkey flavors. A bag of dog food. A wand toy with a sparkly dangling pom-pom and a shiny foil ball toy for the kitty to play with. A spinning toy with tiered rings and balls to keep kitty entertained. A flying disk toy and a bouncy tennis ball for the dog. Two brightly colored lovebirds sitting side by side in a bird cage, which hangs from a hook, has a door that opens, and plays two lovebird sounds. A two-sided faux chalkboard sidewalk sign with room for stickers. Two-sided pet-themed poster art that fits in a frame on the wall. Four sales tags with elastic loops to attach to merchandise. A set of removable shelf label stickers to label treats, toys, and more. A doll tee with an “adopt, foster, donate” message for the doll volunteer to wear. A pretend pet bath tub with a sprayer on a flexible hose that attaches to the tub, and a tub stand with a shelf for the shampoo and towel.