anti-colic CloudNest

anti-colic CloudNest
Categories: Pantry, Water Bottle
Brand: Babymoov
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The well-being of your baby is one of your main concerns as new parents, and that's to be expected. So hard to see her baby squirming in pain because of digestive problems or colic .The cushion  reducer anti-colic CloudNest Babymoov has been designed to help you in these difficult times and alleviate these ailments naturally. A hot water bottle, filled with organic flax seeds, is integrated into the second lower arm. Positioned on your child's stomach, its light pressure and warmth promote better digestion and effectively relieve stomach aches .Very easy and quick to heat, just remove it from the cover and place it in the microwave for a few seconds for it to reach 40 deg c, the ideal temperature to block the pain sensors. Your baby will thus have a feeling of well-being and will be soothed.

  • Organic cotton jersey and breathable 3D mesh at the head
  • 2cm thick mattress for maximum comfort Can be used from birth to 3 months
  • Detachable heating pad which can be
  • warmed up in the microwave (30 seconds at 800W)
  • The 40degC heat of the heating pad inhibits pain receptors
  • Anti-colic heating pad made filled with organic flax seeds subjected to a natural anti-germination treatment
  • Product created in collaboration with midwife Sophia Mighali
  • Cover can be removed and machine washed