Apotheosis: Forward To Glory

Apotheosis: Forward To Glory
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Butterbugs is somebody now. He has arrived - at the top. In fact, he's much higher than that. Ultrastardom, they call it As the world's first ultrastar - and trillionaire - he is still compelled to act for acting's sake alone. Taking the lead in the most ambitious film ever, he will need all his gathered resources for the staggering job ahead.

Butterbugs is a phenomenon for billions. His own depth of character and the diversity of creatures around him constitute a power and influence far surpassing any strolling player's entertainments. However, not everyone on Earth is so dazzled. Well below his stratospheric plane, undercurrents coil in unholy pools.

The screen upon which APOTHEOSIS shines is gigantic, as befitting the story that commands it. FORWARD TO GLORY is nothing less than an epic-noir-satire. The momentum built by TEMPERING and EXPOSITION does not let up for a second. By its very name, APOTHEOSIS propels the reader toward its merciless climax with determination and grandeur.

Butterbugs is truly blessed with friends and associates who share his triumphs: Saskia and Justy - closer than ever; Sonny Projector - agent and champion; Edna Tzu - favorite director and facilitator; Hyman Goth - studio mogul with a dreaded knowledge; Mayella - stabilizing lover; Egaz - transcendent director and artistic equal; Keenah - the mate Butterbugs has waited for... possibly; The Seven Muses - who inspire the ultrastar in his most challenging role; Marshall - the disabled vet who changes the course of the nation; and Heatherette - always a force for good, who reappears at the perfect time.