BREMEN Manual Ceramic Conical Burr Spice & Coffee Grinder

BREMEN Manual Ceramic Conical Burr Spice & Coffee Grinder
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Brand: Grosche
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Custom grind your coffee with this manual coffee grinder

The GROSCHE BREMEN is a manual ceramic conical burr coffee grinder designed to help you get the perfect cup of coffee with a simple and reliable mechanism that will evenly grind your coffee beans. The gap adjustment allows you to go from coarse grind (perfect for French press coffee), to medium grind (ideal for pour over coffee makers) to fine grind (perfect for espresso). You will find that the grinds will be more consistent with a manual coffee grinder, and its also easy to use.

Upgraded Features!

We've been listening to our customers since the original release of the GROSCHE Bremen which is why we are presenting the better than ever manual grinder with the same sleek design we know and love.

Our Bremen Manual Grinder now comes with a detachable silicone lid for the bean hopper to prevent any spillage while you grind your beans. We've also included an extra glass canister and lid for easy swap and storage to keep coffee grounds fresh.

Fresh coffee whenever you want

With the Bremen burr coffee grinder, it takes only 2-3 minutes to grind coffee for a cup. Freshly ground coffee, 1 cup at a time, brews the true taste of a quality coffee bean. An electric grinder often will grind too much, and generate heat which can scorch the coffee beans.

Keep your coffee grounds fresh

Done grinding? The BREMEN hand coffee grinder easily becomes a storage unit for your ground coffee beans. Also the grinder's canister holds up to 100 g of freshly ground coffee and comes with an airtight cover to keep your coffee fresh.

Make your own spice blend

You can also use the BREMEN ceramic burr coffee mill to grind spices like peppers, cloves, cardamom, etc. You can put in your blend of spices from the top and as they grind you will prepare a freshly ground all spice mix and store it in the storage container and seal it with the included lid.

Perfect for camping, travelling, or at the cottage

This grinder is perfect for travelling. That is because it is compact, and requires no electricity. So it can easily fit into a backpack or luggage. In addition it comes with a lid to store your ground coffee in the grinder's included coffee storage container.

Easy to use and clean

The fine ceramic mill of the BREMEN will never rust and will grind your coffee evenly. Also the entire unit can be disassembled and the ceramic burrs are washable for cleaning and storage.

GROSCHE Safe Water Project

The GROSCHE Safe Water Project provides 50+ days of safe drinking water to people in need for every product sold. GROSCHE is a Social Enterprise and a certified B Corp on a mission to be the change in the world.

BREMEN manual and care & safety guidelines

Download the manual and care & safety guidelines of the BREMEN burr coffee grinder here.

Burr Grinder vs. blade? Whats the best coffee grinder?

We highly recommend using a burr grinder since they provide a much more even grind size, which makes for better coffee. More consistent sizes in the grind will always give you better control of the flavor extraction from your coffee maker. Whether you are using a pour over, french press, cold brew, or drip method for making your coffee, burr is the best.

Manual vs. electric coffee grinders, what should I choose?

Great question! Hand or electric coffee grinder, what is better? Well we have done some research on this topic for you and written a blog article about it. Check it out here.

Each type of coffee mill has its own pros and cons. While one is more convenient, another can give you better coffee. One may offer storage for ground coffee, and the other may be easier to clean.