Brew It Stick Coffee and Tea Infuser, Charcoal

Brew It Stick Coffee and Tea Infuser, Charcoal
Categories: Pantry, Coffee maker
Brand: Barista & Co.
19.99 CAD
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The original coffee infuser, The Brew It Stick has been specifically designed for those who want the convenience of instant coffee but the taste of real coffee. This single serve coffee maker is the first of its kind and offers excellent value as an entry level to brewing fresh coffee with absolute ease. It can be left to brew for only four minutes and if you want a stronger coffee all you need to do is stir and twist. The wide neck basket has been designed to use with a teaspoon so it is easy to add coffee and the handy holder means there are no drips on your desk or surface when you’re finished. Similar in concept to a tea infuser, all you have to do is add coffee to the basket, pour hot water over the filter into your cup and give it a stir and twist. Plastic, nylon. Dishwasher safe.