Cobb's Bill-of-Fare

Cobb's Bill-of-Fare
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Dodo Collections brings you another classic from Irvin S. Cobb, ‘Cobb’s Bill-of-Fare.’ Upon a certain gladsome occasion a certain man went into a certain restaurant in a certain large city, being imbued with the idea that he desired a certain kind of food. Expense was with him no object. The coming of the holidays had turned his thoughts backward to the care-free days of boyhood and he longed for the holidaying provender of his youth with a longing that was as wide as a river and as deep as a well. “Me, I have tried it all,” he said to himself. “I have been down the line on this eating proposition from alphabet soup to animal crackers. I know the whole thing, from the nine-dollar, nine-course banquet, with every course bathed freely in the same kind of sauce and tasting exactly like all the other courses, to the quick lunch, where the only difference between clear soup and beef broth is that if you want the beef broth the waiter sticks his thumb into the clear soup and brings it along. “I have feasted copiously at grand hotels where they charge you corkage on your own hot-water bottle, and I have dallied frugally with the forty-cent table d’hote with wine, when the victuals were the product of the well-known Sam Brothers-Flot and Jet-and the wine tasted like the stuff that was left over from graining the woodwork for a mahogany finish.”