Corinne's Ski & Snack Shop

Corinne's Ski & Snack Shop
Categories: Pantry, Water Bottle
Brand: American Girl
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Skiing all day makes Corinne and Gwynn hungry–so when they need a snack, they know where to go to find their favorite treats! This set includes:* Ski & Snack Shop structure with realistic graphics on the outside that reflect classic ski resort architecture, plus a sculpted plastic roof and an awning. The inside features modern layered graphics, a wooden wall with printed art, and a counter attached to the side* A pretend mango-banana drink and a strawberry drink that fit in the fridge* Two bottles of water that fit in the fridge* A serving of nachos on a tray that Corinne can pretend to heat up in the microwave* A faux bagel sandwich for fueling up before a morning ski session* Two pretend brownies and two cookies that can be displayed in the clear display cabinet* A faux fruit-and-yogurt parfait with a spoon* Two pretend pretzels and two granola bars * A tiered countertop display with eight individual stickers that can be placed in the slots* A computer to use at the shop’s counter with a reversible screen–one side is a checkout screen and the other shows the ski resort website* A faux credit card to use with the computer card swiper* A fleece neck warmer with an embroidered graphic * A pretend action camera that attaches to a selfie stick that Corinne can hold to take pics* A pretend ski tracker, a device that helps track lost skiers* A bottle of ski wax * A tube of pretend sunscreen* A water bottle with the ski resort logo* A set of five weekday lift tickets and a weekend ticket