Critical Care Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

Critical Care Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!
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Confidently handle the complexities of critical care nursing, with the fully updatedCritical Care Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, 4th edition. Part of the award-winning Incredibly Easy series, this fun-to-read text is full of fun humor and illustrations, offering plenty of down-to-earth, expert advice and direction on crucial areas such as assessments, diagnostics, imaging, monitoring, pre- and post-operative care, and more. This comprehensive reference is a must-have for class use and NCLEX or certification exam preparation—and an invaluable on-the-spot clinical guide.
Learn the basics of critical care nursing or refresh your skills with brand new content on:
o moderate sedation, drug overdose interventions, and pressure ulcer management
o specialized areas such as rapid response teams and advanced life support methods
o caring for elderly, pediatric, and bariatric patients
Critical Care Nurisng Made Incredibly Easywill help you master the basicswith easy-to-follow guidance on . . .
• Up-to-date science and step-by-step directions on nursing procedures for basic, holistic, and system-based critical care, including pain assessment and management, drug administration, dealing with cardiac arrest, assessing brain death, equipment preparation and use, diagnostic testing, ongoing monitoring and evaluations, data collection, nonsurgical treatments, and much more
• Flow charts and diagrams lead you through determining symptoms, conditions, causes, tests, treatment, emergency situations, and more
• Practice pointers provide practical tips for areas such as dealing with patient and family issues, cultural considerations, ethical issues, end-of-life decisions, and more
• Numerous illustrations and words of wisdom from “Nurse Joy throughout each chapter
• Illustrated quick guides to moderate sedation, CPR, emergency cardiac care, treating shock, preventing complications in the critically obese patient, and interventions for drug overdoses and poisoning
• Includes special features to help accelerate learning comprehension:
o Just the facts - An outline of content at start of every chapter
o Advice from the experts - Practical tips from experienced practitioners
o Take charge! - What to do in potentially lethal situations
o Handle with care - Procedures for elderly, pediatric, and bariatric patients
o Ages and stages - Issues where the patient’’s age impacts critical care o Write it down - Tips on critical care documentation
o Quick Quiz - NCLEX-style questions (and answers) after every chapter o Memory joggers - Simple tricks for remembering complex concepts