Eco Bundle, Lunch

Eco Bundle, Lunch
Categories: Pantry, Water Bottle
Brand: Indigo
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Every eco journey is different, but we're all working towards a better planet. We've bundled together a selection of our favourite sustainable lunch products.


Asobu Glass Water Bottle: Swap Plastic Water Bottles for One Reusable One. Want to drink from a more sustainable glass bottle but afraid it will break? The outer wall of this bottle is made of temperature-resistant, shock-proof TRITANTM, while the inner wall and spout are made of glass.

Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags: Swap Plastic Produce Bags with Reusable Cotton Produce Bags. These certified organic cotton product bags in a wide range of sizes are super lightweight and the perfect replacement for single-use plastic bags. Set of 5.

OUI Cotton Reusable Market Bags: Swap Plastic Shopping Bags with Reusable Cotton Shopping Bags. These lightweight cotton muslin market bags come in soft hues and feature handles sized for carrying over your shoulder or by your side. Set of 3.

OUI Stainless Steel Lunch Box Duo: Swap Disposable Lunch Containers for Reusable Containers. OUI's stainless-steel lunch box duo is the perfect choice for storing and serving on-the-go meals. The leak-proof lids offer a stay-fresh vacuum seal.

Stasher Clear Stand Up Reusable Bag: Swap Plastic Zip-Top Bags with Reusable Silicone Bags. Stasher's innovative Pinch Press seal makes this bag airtight and leakproof. Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.

W&P Porter Utensil Set: Swap Plastic Cutlery for Reusable Utensils. Put a fork in single-use plastic waste. This compact W&P set of stainless steel silverware keeps a slim profile, while the silicone carrying case helps things stay clean in transit.