Good to be Small

Good to be Small
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Sometimes the smallest ones can make the biggest difference.

Something is wrong in the barnyard. Lamb is missing! Mama Sheep calls out the alarm and the other sheep fret. But who is going to find Lamb? When tiny Mouse steps forward to help, the other sheep just lament. Mouse is too small to find a missing lamb.

But the determined little rodent doesn’’t mind what others think. She knows that it can be a good thing to be small. Only Mouse is nimble enough to climb to the roof of the barn to see Lamb in the distance. And only Mouse is light enough to hitch a ride with speedier animals as she endeavors to reach the frightened lamb. Mouse knows that sometimes it takes the smallest one of all to get the biggest results.

Little humans will love this story with its use of repetition and its simple, easy-to-learn text. And the illustrator of the award-winning title, The Chicken Cat, uses a vibrant pallet to bring his animal characters to life. The result is a delightful story that small audiences will demand again and again.