Hooty Projector and Soother

Hooty Projector and Soother
Categories: Electronics, Projector
Brand: Benbat
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Interesting, adorable, and portable owl looking projector soother that envelops baby with calmingsights and sounds. With multi possible ways to install (in car, on crib or freestanding), this nightlightsoother features a LED starry projector that has a calming glow. Benbat’s baby soother plays softmelodies and gentle nature sounds. The captivating star light projector projects stars on any surfacearound Hooty (walls, ceilings, etc) and lets your baby drift to sleep peacefully. Choose your desiredmode and let HOOTY your little one into a calm and good night sleep! Benbat’s NEWcompact soothing projector. Has it all to help get your little one settle into a comforting bedtimeroutine anywhere. “Designed with 6 soothing and calming sounds, including 3 lullabies, Gentle Birds, Crickets & Naturesounds that helps your child doze off calmly”. “The captivating star light projector projects stars on any surface around Hooty (walls, ceilings, etc)and lets your baby drift to sleep peacefully. "” To allow your little one a quiet and peaceful night of sleep, Hooty will automatically shut off after 20minutes". " Projects on the ceiling in 3 different colors (Blue, Green, Amber) soft LED lights. The reassuring glowof the changing colors can help your little one battle his fear of the dark." “Multi Use: - Secure Car Attachment - to make sure your baby is safe and can have a serene car ride. - Secure Crib attachment - flexible and can be angled for maximum projection space. - Freestanding - can be placed anywhere, wherever you choose to put your child to sleep. "