Intelligent Pervasive Computing Systems for Smarter Healthcare

Intelligent Pervasive Computing Systems for Smarter Healthcare
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A guide to intelligent decision and pervasive computing paradigms for healthcare analytics systems with a focus on the use of bio-sensors

Intelligent Pervasive Computing Systems for Smarter Healthcare describes the innovations in healthcare made possible by computing through bio-sensors.  The pervasive computing paradigm offers tremendous advantages in diversified areas of healthcare research and technology. The authors—noted experts in the field—provide the state-of-the-art intelligence paradigm that enables optimization of medical assessment for a healthy, authentic, safer, and more productive environment.

Today’s computers are integrated through bio-sensors and generate a huge amount of information that can enhance our ability to process enormous bio-informatics data that can be transformed into meaningful medical knowledge and help with diagnosis, monitoring and tracking health issues, clinical decision making, early detection of infectious disease prevention, and rapid analysis of health hazards.  The text examines a wealth of topics such as the design and development of pervasive healthcare technologies, data modeling and information management, wearable biosensors and their systems, and more.  This important resource:

  • Explores the recent trends and developments in computing through bio-sensors and its technological applications
  • Contains a review of biosensors and sensor systems and networks for mobile health monitoring
  • Offers an opportunity for readers to examine the concepts and future outlook of intelligence on healthcare systems incorporating biosensor applications
  • Includes information on privacy and security issues on wireless body area network for remote healthcare monitoring

Written for scientists and application developers and professionals in related fields, Intelligent Pervasive Computing Systems for Smarter Healthcare is a guide to the most recent developments in intelligent computer systems that are applicable to the healthcare industry.