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Issue Magazine 04-2016  

Issue Magazine 04-2016 Conversation-style interviews unfold between cover star Morgan Saylor and director Elizabeth Wood (White Girl) as well as musician Vince Staples and Kilo Kish. Legendary artist artist Betye Saar is interviewed by her granddaughter Sola Agustsson as they tour her Laurel Canyon compound. Filmmaker Justin Tipping (Kicks) discusses cultural ideas of manliness, material objects, and street violence with his lead actor Jahking Guillory. Photographer Valerie Phillips shares excerpts from her new book Another Girl Another Planet in conversation with Stazia Lindes. Emilie Regnier presents images for her Hair series of women in Ivory Coast’s capital, Abidjan. Fashion highlights include Evan Peters photographed by Rainer Hosch, Jahking Guillory photographed by Just Loomis, and our cover photo shoot with Morgan Saylor. Actors share their ambitions, turn-ons and favorite movies in the Go-See series—featuring Emma Kenney, Martina Garcia, Yvonne Orji, Jessica Rothe. The issue opens with our signature series “Shoot Yourself” #LA where models go behind the camera, running alongside highlight features of exciting new art books, music and films. ISSUE+ enhanced features include our unique go-see video interviews.

CONTRIBUTORS TEXT Sola Agustsson, Sid Feddema, Alison Green, Holly Grigg-Spall, Kilo Kish, Stazia Lindes, Kris Pitzek, Clare Shearer, Justin Tipping, Elizabeth Wood; IMAGE Bodhi Rose Brooks, Sophie Caby, Mariama Diallo, Jan-Willem Dikkers, Rainer Hosch, Emily Labowe, Just Loomis, Dave Naz, Valerie Phillips, Elizabeth Wood