Jessalyn's School Locker Set, 6-inch Doll & Accessories

Jessalyn's School Locker Set, 6-inch Doll & Accessories
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Get ready for class with Jessalyn's School Locker Set from Lori Dolls! This mini student has long brown hair in ponytails, beautiful brown eyes, and she can rotate her arms and legs to pick up what she needs from her locker and head to class. Her cute school uniform features a blouse with a pink bow, a light brown skirt, high socks, and magenta shoes - all paired with a pretty pink backpack. Jessalyn always remembers to grab her textbooks, notebooks, and a snack - all of which fit into the locker too. And when it's time for a break, she gets her lunch box, takes out the sandwich and water bottle, and eats with her friends!

  • Mini Doll & School Accessories: Play and learn with Jessalyn and her fully-stocked school locker! This mini doll has beautiful brown eyes and long brown hair that's fun to style.
  • Includes: 6-inch doll, blouse, skirt, socks, undies, shoes, backpack, locker, loose leaf paper, notebooks, textbooks, lunch box, water bottle, sandwich, and an apple.
  • Easy Play: Jessalyn's neck, arms, and legs rotate to sit, stand, and take what she needs for class!
  • Mix & Match: This doll and locker set is compatible with most mini dolls and accessories.
  • Age: Recommended for kids 3 years + (small parts)