????? Jianjian's Wish

????? Jianjian's Wish
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"A grey mouse called Jianjian was playing in the hills when he saw a rainbow bridge. He wished to go there but he could not fly. A strong gust of wind brought an injured white crane into the meadow, whom Jianjian helped to recover. To return his kindness, White Crane took him to the rainbow bridge. Jianjian discovered that there were many different kinds of fruits and vegetables inside the rainbow bridge and he loved eating them very much. He felt very excited Unfortunately, soon after they had come back to the meadow, White Crane had to leave Jianjian. Jianjian felt very sad but wished that White Crane would come back again some day to see him." This book is written in simplified Chinese, with Mandarin Pinyin on top of the Chinese and its English translation below. There are also some revision activities, vocabulary tables (with English) and a table of Chinese Pinyin Basic Sounds and Four Tones to help children learn Mandarin Chinese.

"灰老鼠尖尖爬到山坡的棉花树上玩。他看到天上有一座彩虹桥﹐便很想到那里去﹐可是他不能飞。草原上突然吹来一阵狂风﹐一只受伤了的白鹤给吹落到草原上﹐尖尖帮助白鹤复原﹐白鹤报答他的恩情﹐便带他到彩虹桥去﹐尖尖发现在彩虹桥里装满了很多不同的水果和蔬菜﹐他很喜爱它们的味道﹐也感到十分兴奋。可惜﹐当他们回到草原后﹐白鹤便要离开尖尖。尖尖虽感难过﹐但却希望白鹤日后会回来见他。" 本书以简体中文书写﹐中文上面注有普通话拼音﹐下面印有英文翻译。书中也印有"生字表"(附英文)、动脑筋活动及汉语拼音基本音素和四声表以帮助儿童学习中文。