Leighton's Travel Set, 6-inch Mini Doll & Travel Accessories

Leighton's Travel Set, 6-inch Mini Doll & Travel Accessories
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See the world, one fabulous city at a time, with Leighton and her travel set! This 6-inch Lori doll is an explorer by day and a fashionista by night. Her outfit features a super cute faux-fur top, cozy leggings, and a stylish Fedora hat. Leighton is all packed and ready for takeoff - she can rotate her arms and legs when carrying her luggage to the airport (the suitcases really roll!). This mini doll can also snap pictures with her camera, listen to music with her headphones, nap a lil' with the help of a travel pillow, or snack on yummy cookies on the way to her next destination.

  • Mini Doll: Travel the world with Leighton! This mini doll has light-brown eyes and long blond hair that's fun to style.
  • Includes: 6-inch doll, top, tights, shoes, hat, travel pillow, headphones, camera, passport, plane ticket, cookies, toothbrush, water bottle, shampoo, pen, sunglasses, handbag, and 2 suitcases.
  • Easy Play: Leighton's neck, arms, and legs rotate to sit, stand, change outfits, and discover new places!
  • Mix & Match: This doll and travel set is compatible with most mini dolls and accessories.
  • Age: Recommended for kids 3 years + (small parts)