Madrid French Press Coffee Maker, 1500 ml

Madrid French Press Coffee Maker, 1500 ml
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Brand: Grosche
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Premium French press to make perfectly brewed coffee or tea

The GROSCHE MADRID is a premium French press coffee maker. It has a dual filter system that allows you to brew the perfect cup of coffee or tea. The MADRID's design allows coarse ground coffee and loose leaf tea to infuse completely in just a few minutes. That brews a deep and rich flavour that you'll love. It's available in three sizes: choose a small 3 cup / 350 ml press to make a single large cup of coffee or the 8 cup / 1000 ml press to make two to three large cups of coffee for two. Alternatively, go for the large 12 cup / 1500 ml press to make coffee for the whole family.

High-quality borosilicate glass

The MADRID is a premium coffee and tea maker. It features a fine-crafted chrome housing and a borosilicate glass beaker. The 1000 ml press also features a durable borosilicate glass. This durable and heatproof glass beaker is made of the highest quality borosilicate glass. All sizes of the MADRID French press are dishwasher-safe. You can remove the glass beaker from the chrome housing for convenient and thorough washing.

Dual filter system

The MADRID French press has two coffee filters. They will ensure coffee grinds or loose tea leaves stay in the press for a smooth, tasty brew every time. The main filter is in the main coffee press while the second filter is in the lid. Simply turn the lid to close the press while your coffee or tea steep. This will ensure that your drink will stay hot longer and extract maximum flavour.

It's also a tea Press!

You can also use the Madrid as a Tea press to easily make loose leaf tea! Take a look at how our friend Cesar from Cafe Integral in New York City does it in the video below.

Modern design

The MADRID French press coffee maker looks good in any kitchen. That is because of its art deco design and the distinctive chrome housing. It has been designed for durability and style. You will enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of coffee or tea for years to come. The bottom of the glass beaker never comes in contact with any surface other than the chrome base. This provides extra protection. Also, the housing features Tip-Grips that prevent the beaker from slipping out.

How do you clean a French Press?

People often ask us how to clean a French press, or if it takes a lot of work. So we wrote a blog article about how to clean a French press. It will show you a step by step way to clean your cafetiere. Then you will be ready to brew another cup again. Also, it features the GROSCHE Madrid, our best selling coffee press.