Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor
Categories: Computers, Monitor
Brand: Miku
539.99 CAD
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The Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor tracks breathing and sleep patterns completely contact-free using proprietary, clinically-tested SensorFusion technology. The Miku Pro delivers 1080p HD video, real-time alerts, sleep and breathing summaries, and nursery conditions straight to your smart phone.

  • Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor captures and analyzes breathing and sleep using proprietary SensorFusion technology
  • Contact-free means no wires or wearables and Miku works with any age (0-12 years) and requires no maintenance
  • Live breathing monitor waveform shows your baby's respiration in real time on your smart device
  • Temperature, humidity, sound, and light sensors monitor nursery conditions
  • 1080p HD video with night vision and digital zoom
  • Local Processor immediately analyzes data and delivers real time awake/asleep, movement, and sound alerts to your device
  • Day and night sleep summaries for sleep duration, sleep quality, number of naps, and what time baby or child woke up and fell asleep
  • Embedded crypto chip paired with advanced encryption and 2-step authentication mean you are in total control of your data
  • Custom dual Ole Wolff speakers provide powerful sound clarity when playing music, lullabies or using the two-way talk feature
  • Access Miku anywhere, anytime with remote viewing on your smart phone