Otis and Alice

Otis and Alice
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Uncle Dan brought his nephew Otis a very special gift: a mouse with super-long, expressive whiskers! Otis can't believe his eyes. He has wanted a pet mouse forever! But, how long can he keep Alice? Can he convince his cat Rocket and his two moms to keep the little mouse, so full of imagination and energy?
The daily lives of many families—so different from each other—are often very much alike. Can Alice the mouse fit into Otis's family?

Otis and Alice, originally published in Quebec as Ulysse et Alice (éditions du Remue-Ménage), was part of the selection of Communication-Jeunesse 2007-2008. Ulysse et Alice is also a popular tool for teachers, and was included in the training kit Family Diversity and Strategies to End Homophobia, which is distributed in schools and universities by the LGBT Family Coalition.