Pools of Gold: A Sequel to Vanishing Anger

Pools of Gold: A Sequel to Vanishing Anger
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This book, being the sequel to the author's book, Vanishing Anger, depicts the lure of what that lustrous glow of gold can do when one becomes bitten by that dreaded "gold fever." You will enjoy the ride with a man who had been bit with that fever. The thrills and tragedies that accompany you throughout this journey will keep your interest glued to the pages that lie before you.

When Gerald starting writing and publishing books at the age of 79 he never dreamt that at the age of 82 he would still be pounding the keys finishing his seventh book and working on the eighth. Retired and living at the foothills of the mountains, he continues to deliver an action-packed story about the characters he imagined living in the areas he himself explored. His latest book moves ahead a few decades but still bases the storyline on adventures of a driven man who makes a life for himself in spite of many catastrophic dangers. The characters all manage to find people in their lives to share their dreams, struggles and triumphs. Gerald has no idea if he will continue with his writing career but as each book is released he pulls out the keyboard and is driven to put into words the life of characters he envisioned roaming the back country with.