Python Flash Cards: Syntax, Concepts, And Examples

Python Flash Cards: Syntax, Concepts, And Examples
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These colorful programming study cards help new Python coders drill and reinforce the concepts, syntax, and terminology they’’ll need to become successful professional programmers.

Keep your coding skills sharp on the go! Python Flash Cards take a tried-and-tested method and give it a programming makeover. Eric Matthes, author of the best-selling Python Crash Course, distills essential Python programming knowledge into this 101-card deck you can use anywhere.

Work through the deck in order or shuffle it up for a new study session every time. You can brush up foundational programming principles and vocabulary like data structures, logical control, and program flow, quiz yourself on Python syntax, and test your skills against exercises and challenges designed to keep you on your toes – all in one sitting.

Don’’t let your Python training stop at the keyboard. With Python Flash Cards, the power of Python fits in your pocket.