Sewer Management Systems

Sewer Management Systems
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How to manage the most important part of a city’’s internalinfrastructure–its sewer systems The operation and maintenance of modern sewer systems have not keptpace with technological revolutions everywhere–until now.Utilizing a combination of computerized management tools,monitoring systems, and other intelligent equipment, today’‘sautomated sewer management systems allow designers, managers,operators, and investors to get continuous data feeds on sewerflows, interjurisdictional billing information, and emergencysituations: information essential to upgrading overall systemquality and efficiency. Sewer Management Systems offers a practical, comprehensive look atprocuring and implementing state-of-the-art sewer managementsystems and monitoring equipment. It opens with an overview ofsewer maintenance and management and then discusses suchintroductory concepts as understanding flow and how to measure it.It then introduces structures and features of the sewerinfrastructure that are useful in general ways, providingdefinitions applicable in any context. Further chapters cover:

  • Step-by-step guidance on making system purchase decisions
  • Data communications, utility services, and sequencing
  • How to clearly apply data generated to tangible, real-world tasks
  • Additional functions that may be designed after the system is upand running
  • Algorithm development for warnings and features for automaticsewer control
  • How to get a return on investment for an upgraded system–showinghow to use it as a funding source, not just a funding pit
  • How to upgrade the installed monitoring system The book’’s appendices provide equipment specifications, recommendedcalibration standards, and sample specifications. Offeringmethodical and detailed guidance to the state of the art of thisimportant engineering specialty, Sewer Management Systems is thecomplete reference to designing systems that effectively monitorthat most basic part of a city’’s infrastructure–the key to maintai