Stolen Soul

Stolen Soul
Categories: Pantry, Security Camera
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They say no man can rob a dragon. Good thing I''m not a man.  

There''s an underground magical vault, protected by sorcery, security cameras, guards, and whatnot. Think of the most impenetrable place in the world. Now triple it.  

Here comes the bad news. It belongs to a dragon, and I was hired to break into it and steal his hoard. Suicidal? Insane? Maybe, but...actually, there''s no but. It''s suicidal and insane. Still, fortune favors the bold. Let''s hope fortune has a good disposition toward the crazy as well. 

I might be an alchemist extraordinaire and the best burglar on the East Coast, but this is not a solo job. I''ll need a team for this one. Accompanied by a powerful sorcerer, a fortune teller, a scam artist, and a hacker, I embark on the heist of the century. If we succeed, we''ll be legends. If not - crispy dragon snacks.