Storm The Kettle: Resetting The Newfoundland Table

Storm The Kettle: Resetting The Newfoundland Table
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Looking out over Newfoundland's breathtaking coastal scenery invokes a sense of timelessness, and it's this feeling that makes Newfoundland and Labrador one of Canada's most extraordinary regions.

In Storm the Kettle, authors Elaine Feore and Joanne Goudie celebrate Newfoundland's strong connection to the past with an eye to the culinary world beyond its shores, maintaining a centuries-old love of food and commonwealth, but, at the same time, infusing them with a contemporary sampling of recipes from around the globe.

It's often observed that Newfoundlanders take great pleasure in sharing food with the people around them, and Storm the Kettle encourages and updates this tradition, taking inspiration both from present-day Newfoundland restaurant culture as well as from the customary foods that have graced East Coast tables since Canada's earliest days.

Recipes for Thai Beef Skewers, Greek Phyllo Chicken (with Lemon Béchamel Sauce), and Fattoush accompany the classic stew and seafood dishes that have long defined Newfoundland's unique culinary scene. Appetizers and sides like Turnip "Fries" with Crispy Prosciutto and Balsamic Dressing invite foreign tastes to time-honored staples. And for the purist, Feore and Goudie offer a generous helping of recipes that pay tribute to Newfoundland's essential export-cod-with selections such as Salt Cod Soup, Cod Tacos, and Poached Cod with Mixed Vegetables.

Embellished with sidebars that detail Newfoundland's rich heritage and culinary evolution, Storm the Kettle is a unique book that reflects Newfoundland's enduring place on the Canadian menu, while looking at the food trends and tastes that influence it today.

About the title:
Newfoundlanders are famous for having their own way of saying things, be it with words, phrases or accent. On The Rock Storm the kettle means to boil water hastily in a kettle for a ''mug up'' or cup of tea.