The Little Jasoos & Other Stories

The Little Jasoos & Other Stories
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Tejas and Shreyas are two young brothers, eight and six, growing up in Bengaluru, with working parents and doting grandparents. While they have all the normal interests, like cricket and football, Tejas and Shreyas share a love for detecting. They don't always understand the world of adults and some of their actions seem rather funny, but that does not discourage the analytical and thorough Tejas as he applies his logical mind to problems, with his much more people-friendly brother Shreyas, helping him navigate the world.

They come across different characters in their everyday life in the middle of school, summer camp, summers with grandparents and each of these characters has a problem or a situation in which they find themselves. Together, the brothers detect, mull over plans at night in bed and put their plans into action. They help other children and sometimes, even adults, get themselves out of scrapes and problems, often with hilarious results. Everyone is amazed at their inventiveness, and help in any way they can, from their father pointing them in the right direction, or their detecting partner Mohinder Uncle, or even their own grandfather.

From helping a child being bullied to recovering a lost water bottle, Tejas and Shreyas are the little detectives, who are forever ready to help anyone in trouble.