Vitapur 50.98-in Bottom Load Water Dispenser

Vitapur 50.98-in Bottom Load Water Dispenser
Categories: Pantry, Water Bottle
Brand: Vitapur
481 CAD
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Bottom Load Water DispenserNo more accidental spills from lifting heavy water jugsDispenser makes adding new water easyBottle is connected and stored in the bottom cabinet instead of needing to be carefully placed on topFeatures stainless steel panels and LED accent lightingEasy-to-use electronic controls and dispenses your choice of hot, cold, or room temperature water from its convenient top mount faucet systemEasy-to-use electronic controls with child safety lock protectionWater dispenser connects directly to your water line so that you don’t need to worry about refilling the water supplyPatented energy-saving kettle feature rapidly provides hot water on demand in under three minutes without the cost of constantly re-heating waterSelect your ideal temperature with an adjustable cold water thermostatStainless steel reservoirs and water bottle straw for superior long-lasting reliability Vitapur 50.98-in Bottom Load Water Dispenser