Online Will Never Replace Retail

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Online Shopping
BY Hemron ON 26 Nov 2022

Online Will Never Replace Retail

Covid 19 took us all a lot closer to virtual reality. Everything seemed to move online, from education to social interaction and in the biggest way, even retail. No need to go to a shop anymore, they said. A few clicks and your whatever will be delivered to your door, they said.

People suffered from social withdrawal syndrome

They were wrong. “The comfort of your own home,” started feeling like a soft prison cell, and it became clear that the lockdown deprived all of us of much-needed retail therapy. We are designed to be social, and good mental health depends on interaction with others like us. We are not loners.

The threat of Covid-19 was real but equally real was the threat of a generalized decline in mental well-being. We are not designed to live in seclusion. There has been an upswing in cases of self-harm and mental health professionals all show a huge increase in the use of their services.

Get those shopping shoes on, folks! It’s medicinal!

With new-found freedom, retail has taken back its rightful place as a supplier of goods and good cheer. There is nothing like a dose of mall therapy for the blues. Better yet, if it is done with friends, or even better: if new friends are discovered in the process. Let’s go shopping!