Having A Store Window Display That Turns Heads

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Store Window Display
BY Hemron ON 22 Feb 2022

Having A Store Window Display That Turns Heads

The major challenge most brick and mortar stores face is turning the heads of passersby and keeping their attention. Retail Consultant, your favourite retail project management has provided a guide on how you can create a store window display that draws customers to your business.

Store Window Display Tips

Retail stores have been hit hard from various angles. Covid-19, the consequential lockdown, and the rise of eCommerce have kept shoppers at home. Therefore, store windows have become an invaluable means of engaging with prospective buyers. Sadly, store windows have barely five to ten seconds to hold a person’s attention and a lot has to happen within that timeframe.

Your store window should do many things at once. You can paint a mural or other catchy art on the surrounding walls to attract attention. Then highlight standout products that are capable of enticing customers. Let customers know that there are sales. Never underestimate the impact of a huge “SALE” sign on the window.

Increasing Foot Traffic

The rule in having an effective store window display is “distinction.” So many other businesses are in the face of your potential buyers. As such, you have to stand out from the competition positively to win. Choose a window display that best suits your brand and build a theme around it. You will be much harder to forget.