10 Good Reasons: Why Now is the Right Time to Invest in Canada

10 Good Reasons: Why Now is the Right Time to Invest in Canada
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Take a geek and a PC, add one soldering iron, a home, and a copy of “Home Hacking Projects for Geeks, and you’’ll give new meaning to the term, “home improvement.” From fearless neophytes to tool-wielding masterminds, the home hacker in any geek will find new inspiration and plenty of hands-on guidance to take on a variety of home-transforming projects once relegated to the world of sci-fi.

This fun new guide combines creativity with electricity and power tools to achieve cool–and sometimes even practical–home automation projects. Never again will you have to flip a light switch when you enter a room or use a key to open your front door. With a few off-the-shelf devices, some homemade hardware, and a little imagination, you can be living in your own high-tech habitat.

“Home Hacking Projects for Geeks shows hackers of all ability levels how to take on a wide range of projects, from the relatively small but energy-conscious automating of light switches, to building home theaters using Windows or Linux-based PCs, to more complicated projects like building home security systems that rival those offered by professional security consultants. Each project includes a conceptual diagram, a “What You Need List” and a small “Project Stats” section that describes the relative difficulty, time involved, and cost of the project. What’’s more, each project is a workable, practical way to improve your home–something unique that you can customize for your individual needs.

The thirteen projects in “Home Hacking Projects for Geeks are divided into three categories: Home Automation, Home Entertainment Systems, and Security, and include projects such as:

Remotely Monitor Your Pet

MakeYour House Talk

Remotely Control Your Computer’’s MP3 player

Create Time-Shifted FM Radio

Watch Your House Across the Network

Build a Home Security System

If you’’ve ever thought the Jetsons had it made, or looked around your house and thought, “I could make that better” then you’’re ready for “Home Hacking Projects for Geeks.