American Girl Air Lines Cart

American Girl Air Lines Cart
Categories: Pantry, Water Bottle
Brand: American Girl
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When dinnertime or snack time roll around, so does this fancy food cart that helps the flight attendant easily move everything down the aisle of the American Girl Air Lines plane. It includes:* A food cart that’s mounted on wheels that turn and roll, and includes three drawers and gold accents* A menu with food items to choose from for each meal * A tray that holds croissants* Two plates that are designed to hold breakfast and lunch foods, and two lids to cover food to keep it hot* Two water bottles* Two drink cans * Two croissants, two waffles, and a slice of bacon for an in-flight breakfast* A sandwich and fruit cup for a healthy lunch* A raspberry tart dessert and a dessert plate for a sweet treat* Two bags of pretzels to munch on at snack time