Best Bike Paths of the Southwest: Safe, Scenic and Traffic-Free Bicycling

Best Bike Paths of the Southwest: Safe, Scenic and Traffic-Free Bicycling
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Cycling the open road has its pleasures but it can also be intimidating, especially for the novice or the parent with young children. Fortunately, there’’s another option for those cyclists who have something a little more peaceful and recreational in mind: the paved bike path. Free of cars, red lights, and exhaust fumes, recreational paths are popping up everywhere. In The Best Bike Paths of the Southwest, Wendy Williams has done you the favor of finding them in advance.Organized by state, The Best Bike Paths of the Southwest is the only comprehensive listing of these community treasures, describing fifty-six paths and detailing everything you’’ll need to know about each one:
– A map of each state, showing you where the path is
– A detailed description of the path, including mileage
– General background, including the history of the path and any useful tourist information
– The level of difficulty, type of scenery, and condition of pavement
– Availability of food and bathrooms
– Directions, including the most accessible parking area

Whether you want to explore San Francisco’’s East Bay, discover Arizona’’s breathtaking Sabino Canyon, or cruise along Nevada’’s Truckee River, there’’s a bike path waiting for you. So fill your water bottle, pack a lunch, pump up your tires, and prepare for a great ride!