Make Perfect Coffee: The How-To Guide

Make Perfect Coffee: The How-To Guide
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Do you want a perfect cup of coffee at home? Here’s the app that will tell you how. With lively, easy-to-follow instruction, Make Perfect Coffee: The How-To Guide is a Vook that brings coffee-house quality to your kitchen! Download this Vook and save yourself time and money WITHOUT giving up your love of fine coffee drinks! With Make Perfect Coffee: The How-To Guide, youll follow along in eight chapters and learn to make the kind of coffee that excites you right at home! Youll learn how to choose the right beans, find the best coffee maker, and brew the perfect drip coffee. Youll also learn how baristas make your favorite espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and specialty drinks. No more spending several dollars on each gourmet cup at the cafe! Soon youll be able to make all of the drinks in your own kitchen, impressing your guests. Best of all, youll save precious time and money skipping the coffee house!